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Title Need action backporting and releasing translations for Browse
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Created on 2017-04-23.08:13:57 by icarito, last changed by icarito.

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msg71 (view) Author: icarito Date: 2017-04-23.08:13:57
Hello Browse developers,

I'm in the process of integrating Aymara translations into the Operating 
System image currently being tested for deployment in Peru. This image 
has Sugar 0.94 and thus only supports activities built with GTK2.

This means in some cases we will be using older, compatible versions of 
Activities such as Browse 129.

Even though the translation project in Pootle is up to date, Browse 129 
did not have these translations.

Now, we're using Sugar Network to provide feedback and support channels 
for activities. This means that we can only include Activities which 
have been released into ASLO [because Sugar Network uses ASLO as source].

I've put a great deal of thought into how to backport translations to 
older versions and have come up with the following procedure (to produce 

# To be done within a clone of git://git.sugarlabs.org/browse/mainline.git

# Get v129
git checkout v129

# Get updated translation from HEAD
git checkout origin/HEAD po/ayc.po

# Merge translations with proper template for this version
msgmerge po/ayc.po po/Browse.pot -o po/ayc.po

# Use your favourite text editor to bump version of activity/activity.info

# Add and commit
git add po/ayc.po
git commit -m "backport ayc translation"
git add activity/activity.info
git commit -m "bump v129.1"

# Tag new version
git tag v129.1

# Make bundle (I like this way, or use setup.py from within Sugar 0.94)
sweets dist_xo

# The (hopefully) resulting dist/Browse-129.1.xo should be fine for 
release (tested by me)
# Find my version at http://people.sugarlabs.org/icarito/Browse-129.1.xo

The resulting xo works fine and has Aymara translations.
For your convenience I've also attached the resulting commits as patches.

Now _I need your help getting this version into ASLO_! Will it be 
possible to release a 129.1 with this updated translation?

Note we are expected to continue the process of adding native languages 
(and we have about 60 of them in Peru) so probably we'll have to do this 
again sometime in the future. Any suggestions for a better process are 

Thanks for your hard work and for supporting deployments,
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